What is Animated Trance?

Animated trance is another form of “non-conscious” trance which allows a single entity to enter Rik’s body and interact in our reality. Mikaal, Demetri and Peter are entities with their own distinct personalities that present themselves dynamically through Rik’s form. A very simple process of a trigger phrase is used to bring them through. They utilize the whole body and will sit or stand and walk around. They bring insight into or lives and teach love, compassion and understanding while expressing wisdom to our physical reality.
These entities are mandated to not interfere in our reality, but give guidance and assistance.

In Rik’s early years he had a voice in his head that would talk to him and give him guidance and he thought everyone had one of these. This was Mikaal, who was preparing to come through Rik in this state one day. Later in life, Rik was reading material on Jane Roberts, who channeled “Seth” and was very curious about that state of consciousness. The Transcendors told his director that there was an entity who was willing and waiting to go through this process if Rik agreed and they gave instructions on how to achieve this state. When he accessed this state Rik lost that voice that was with him through the years, and it was an emotional lost to him.
In his last incarnation, Mikaal was a healer and teacher in the temples of Egypt at the time of RaTa. His forte for us was healing and spiritual teaching. When Mikaal came through, because in his last reference to the physical reality he brought forward his physical limitations. He was deformed in that reality and paralyzed on the left side of his body. This was an incarnation where he was to cast off physical karma.

When entering Rik’s form, his left side was affected and much practice was needed to work out those challenges. For example, at one time he asked for a sip of water and was given a mug to sip from. When they placed the mug in his hand he crushed it because he had no reference to his strength. Through much practice of holding boiled eggs at first, which progressed to raw eggs, he eventually was able to take someone’s hand without causing harm. He trained himself to utilize Rik’s body effectively and eventually the only left over sign was that he always had his left eye closed.
Interestingly, he favored the left side, asking that, if you were to give him your hand, that it be the left because “it is closer to the heart and you can’t hide anything”. He is a very loving soul and when he first came through he dubbed himself “the perfect manifestation of love & understanding.” This is true for anyone he came in contact with.

An interesting thing to be aware of (which was provided by the Transcendors) was that Mikaal was an ascended master. After fulfilling his lifetime in Egypt he had no requirement to come back to the physical really. He had finished the cycle of incarnations, and ascended with his body to the spiritual realm. He told us humorously that “it was a nice place to visit but he didn’t want to live here.”
This is why he came through Rik to give knowledge and healing to those in need.

Demetri was introduced to us through Mikaal on Valentine’s day. His forte is Love & Relationships, relationships of all levels. His last incarnation was court adviser to Queen Victoria, and he said he had an interesting time with her because she was so stubborn.
When he first came through he would sit in a full lotus position, and when Rik came out of trance he would be in excruciating pain because Rik was a body builder in early years and just couldn’t sit like that himself. This went on a few times, until Rik said he would
not let Demetri come through again until he stopped that. Rik would not let him come through for three months, to teach Demetri a lesson.

When Demetri came back we asked him why he did that and he said it was necessary to help him keep the energy flow in the body. He also mentioned that it showed Rik that he was human in the physical state. He stilled pulled one leg up at time, and before the sessions came to an end the director would touch his knee to indicate that the leg had to come down to get the circulation back to Rik’s legs before he came back to his body.

Demetri was dubbed the “velvet hammer’ at first because he was very blunt and pulled no punches when he answered questions. Many people said that they felt that he could see right through them, and we warned them that when questioning Demetri to be sure they wanted to know the answer.
Through the years, Demetri learn more of our social graces and transformed into the ‘cosmic comedian’. He began to use humor to get his message across, and it was delightful to sit in a group and learn from his teachings in this way. We had some people who would only see Demetri in their private sessions because he was so straight forward.

Peter was introduced to us through Demetri, and is a highly evolved soul. When he came through, our lighting bother his eyes (which were closed) so we gave him sunglasses to put on. He would start his dissertation and within a few minutes Rik’s body would start to shake. He would reach one hand up to Rik’s neck and one onto his knee and the shaking would stop. We wondered about this and asked the Transcendors and they said that because of the high energy of Peter, Rik ’s left brain was having trouble working with it. Mikaal had given him the energy points of Rik’s body to press and balance this energy.

Peter was an entity that would manifest into physical reality to observe and understand the workings of group mind. Because he came to reality this way he was never locked into the karmic cycle of earth. He is especially adept at viewing and working with various social structures, education system, government, etc. He has inspired many with these insights.

These are the three entities that came through most often when called, but the Transcendors reported to us that there were well over 185,000 different single entities that were wanting to use Rik as their channel because he could let them come through and be totally out-of-the-way so their information could come to us in a pure and untainted way, without any influence on Rik’s part.