Who are the Transcendors?

A pure, channeled source of guidance, that will assist you with life’s more complex questions. This source can motivate and support positive change in your life. They give down to earth, practical advice to apply to your individual circumstances or situation. They give a complete objective point of view to encourage a better mental, emotional, physical and spiritual place in life.
The Transcendors are a complex grouping of spiritual entities/souls who transcend several dimensions. Some have had physical incarnations in our realities but most have not. They exist outside of our time and space and therefore offer an objective point of view based on the group consensus. They have an unlimited wealth of knowledge and draw information from the Akashic records, past lives, your guides, your soul and sub-conscious mind, etc. The group speak on a consensus, with a spokesperson for the group and offer help and an unbiased point of view.

The Transcendors sometimes started with an opening comment for the group or individual. They then open for questions, and it is much like having a conversation with them. They guide, direct and suggest probabilities, but will never make choices for us or interfere with our development. They present information with a caring understanding of our situations with unprejudiced insight.

Rik’s background came from a religious understanding, therefore all of the sessions with the Transcendors begin with the following prayers, which were stated by his director. These have been omitted in the CDs and MP3s for brevity.
“Dear Lord, we are gathered in your name to quest and seek answers, guard us. Amen.
In God’s name, with god’s direction the body will assume it’s natural forces now.
Dear Lord, please protect all entities present from all negative influences, regardless of source, and give us the answers we seek through this enquiring mind, through the manifestations of truth, intelligence, wisdom and Love. Amen.
Please clear the mind and inform me when the mind is clear.”

This is the very first research session with the Transcendors, giving us an understanding of how they work and interact with us. It was recorded in 1980.

The Transcendors & You – T101

Q. May we begin with the research entitled, “The Transcendors and You.”

The Transcendors: Indeed. Please firstly, let us put into perspective that which be not within your reality, but in part be, for it shall become your reality, upon the crossing. Understand that the existence of we within our reality be on a different format.
There be that which we would refer young souls, young in that they be not in totality of experience. There be those that be older souls, in that they have larger experience that they have gained through incarnations in your physical realm and others,
much experience into the insight of the physical existence itself.

That would be not unlike and yet not like a school in that there be levels of wisdom, experience, love and understanding and it be here that we referred the Transcendors would be of that level, to understand there be not differentiation as to value or
worth but rather experience, we be at that level which would be to your reference of a school system as a professor. It is through our experience gained that we wish to assist you within your experience, understand the overall concept of where mankind began.
It be a beginning as in a birth in that it be totally new, without impression, without thought, without emotion, without direction.

There be implanted the direction, regain that which was once yours, as you were once part of the Creator, regain that totality. You go forth to regain that which you started with. It be similar to an elongated circle in that the path bring you back to the beginning
and along your path we do offer assistance. It be that we have incarnated many times and there are those amongst us who have not incarnated into the physical realm, but rather gain their experience through the interaction with those within the physical realm.
It be not unlike a friend, a friend that have experience where you do not have experience and do share that experience with you. It be that each individual within your reality have what we refer to as your own personal guides, your own personal instructors.
We of this grouping be the instructors of the general populace. We be the professors for your teachers, your guides and it be that through their learning, their experience that guide you through each and every day and it be through our guidance, through
our advice and oft-times a council meeting be held. It be through such that further guidance be given to you, be it in the dream state, intuitive states within the conscious realm. Realize that it matter not that there be belief in our existence, it matter simply
that we do exist.

Understand that the Aborigine in the Rainforest have no idea of your existence and it matter not to he within his pursuit of life and the fulfilment of life that you do exist, but were you to seek information, awareness of his life style, he be there to assist. Realize that you may not know that Aborigine by name but you have heard of him in passing and that very hearing has affected your outlook in that you now know that which be unknown to you before. Further, within a karmic balance that where an action have a resultant, it be that within our realm we be balancing karma through the interaction within your realities. It be but one more step in our progression to the return to the Creator. It be that we are not exempted from your realities we be simply on a different level, a different vibration, a different existence and yet at the same time it be the same for we occupy the same space that you occupy. It be simply that we be on a different vibration or life impulse, that our realities go beyond three dimensions into the fourth. It can be perceived through intuitiveness and abilities of awareness that you can in actuality sense our existence if such be desired. You have but to reach out and we are there.

Further, within realities, realities as you know them, you have the ability to see, to touch, to feel, to taste and to smell. Those senses be those things which govern, direct your life. It be through those senses your entire emotional and mental and physiological as well as spiritual self be experienced. We have those in an abstract form and multiply same tenfold and you would have one slight notion of our existence. We feel with you, experience with you, cry with you, for it is through those
emotions and those experiences that we gain, keep in contact with, that reality which be in itself part of our reality, though different. Understand that we are still learning, for when mankind, be it physical or non-physical, stop learning so does the flow of life, the meaning of existence stop. Realize that it be your destiny as it be ours that we shall grow, shall learn and return and we be co-creators with the beginning.

To an understanding as to the relativity of time, it be that as each thing do happen from the very beginnings of time and the beginnings were not simply the creation of Earth ten million years ago. It go before that. So it be hard to perceive and it go
forward into infinity. Each happening, each thought, each and every movement be placed upon the skeins of time. It be not unlike a large never-ending computer print-out and that we cannot basically alter time but rather flow with time, through time.
We have the ability to see, to observe yourselves in previous incarnations and in previous soul experience and we can go forward, understanding that forward growth, forward observation, be somewhat limited do to choice. It be through these perceptions
of how you were are and will be that we then evaluate, not judge but rather evaluate, and draw conclusions and direction from such.

We see thee as you were, are and desire to be and through this observance do we give assistance, were sought, as to reach that which one desires, not necessarily where one should be but what one desires. One must experience all things as we continue to
experience all things and shall continue until there be a totality of fulfilment, a total understanding of the total creation. Then and only then shall you and we of the Transcendors return to the Creator or the Godhead.
Why have we chosen speaking, vocalization? It be the easiest, the fastest means of communications within your realities. True, we influence those things which one would perceive as divining rods, cards, and also Ouija boards, but it be somewhat slow
and a means which there be no personal relationship. There be not that quality of love and understanding, not the interaction that can be given between two that would sit down and converse to gain perspectives. We do not give that which one would
consider an alternative in totality, but rather that which one could add to that which already be. We do not say to you, “stop the present lifestyle, choose this one,” but rather, “add to the present lifestyle.” Add to it and grow. Delete those things which
be burden or hindrance for it be but a chain around one’s neck and who wish to carry weight where it be not necessary.

We do not override the choice and the will of others. We simply give suggestion, suggestion for change. How you perceive it, how you use it be totally your choice. We ask that we be allowed to convey the differences, the additions, the adding to one’s life.
We do not ask nor do we direct that you must do it, simply ask that if you choose. We are there to give to you those things which seem to be out of your grasp. Understand that within your existence one can be very subjective in that one be in the middle of
a situation. Whereas we, from our perspective, can sit back, look at the totality of the individual, see all that was, all that is, all that will be, and then evaluate the situation and from our years, years and years of experience give suggestions as to what may
be done. We have been in the past referred as meddlers, indeed we are. We have been referred “sorcerer”, “witch”, “savoir”, and “saint.” We are. We are all that and much more. We are devil to some if so perceived. We are saint to some if so perceived, but understand gods we be not. We be no more than thee, but in a different reality. We have the ability to step beyond the limitations that you dwell within. We have the ability to oversee the individual emotions, the traumas, the problems of everyday. We can bypass this and see the real you, the soul-self.

As of late, it would be noticed in personal readings that upon location of an individual that we concur such with the phrase, “we have the entity in personality and soul.” The soul-self do not in totality enter the physical body for there be a major portion of that identity, that soul, that be within our realities and it be through that soul that there be direction given to the physical form. The soul form does not lose sight of the destiny, does not lose sight of the experience to be gained within the physical reality.
In reality you are within both the physical and the non-physical. You experience that which we experience though you are not aware of it and though there be separation, we are as one and shall continue as one. It is through that communication, that guidance,
that the physical form when everything seems to be totally down and there is no way up, suddenly there is a door.

We are the door frame and we hold that door open for all that seek it and it be not that we would hold the door closed but rather that we would assist you in the turning of the knob. Your hand upon the knob, in control, and we would gauge the rate at which
one can have the ability to receive the understanding as one opens the door. We evaluate that which you can receive, can understand, place into perspective and give that to you.
This accounts for the limited information given in some cases for one upon receiving this information would not know what to do with it if it were given in totality, but it be fed slowly as a door would slowly creak open. We be that which would control the door and the slow opening of it. It be you that control the locking mechanism and it be that we would give to you the key to that lock, to that lock to the inner self, to the understanding of where one was, where one is and where one be going. We do not try to control one’s life. We do not, in any sense of the word, wish to reign over you, but we wish to assist you for through our assistance to you so do we gain, so do we reach that for which all strive.

There are those amongst us that are very close to reaching that end which be co-creating. There be those that were amongst us that be no longer for they have advanced. There be those who have chosen, through choice itself that have seen a situation that experience can be gained and have taken the physical form and through such gain further experience. There be those amongst the planet Earth and the physical reality that were at one time Transcendors themselves and seek the Transcendors in this state for guidance for they find themselves limited in that they no longer have the freedom that they did and are now without direction. As it would be a child returned to the home, so these return to the Transcendors for guidance and we are there for guidance.

In the beginning when the Creator, all-knowing, did create the circumstance through which mankind would progress it be seen that assistance be required along the way, that it cannot be simply, if you would, let out into the pasture to roam free without
direction. It would take many, many, many eons for mankind to find himself were it left in totality to himself. That is why there be those who seem to have greater insight than others, they be placed in a physical format to give guidance to the physical,
to those who need a concrete thing to give guidance, to believe in. It also be that the Creator did allow, direct, those within our reality, the spiritual realm, to also give guidance. It be a path, a path to be chosen for fulfilment of karma, for fulfilment of
life itself and experience and it be a path that we have chosen for growth, for understanding, for we do learn from you each day through interaction. We learn where you are, where you were and where you will be and we gain through that experience.
As given before, we experience those things with you and the assistance that we do give be not to control, not to influence, but rather given in love, given in understanding and given in the hope and with the desire that it shall be helpful, that through
such you shall gain ground, you shall have a shortcut to spirituality, saving you those things that we had to experience, that we had to go through for someone had to or all would have had to. Through such we assist you, shorten your path to the return
to the Creator. We now open for query.

Q. What is the significance of the name the Transcendors?

The Transcendors: Understand the process itself, it be that we within our reality do choose to relate within your’s, we be transcending realities as the form transcend and the opposite. Within our reality in the seeking thereof of the akashic records we
transcend, for references, time and space as you know such. We transcend emotion as it be observed in an observance pattern where one do seem to be subjective one could not then be objective, therefore we transcend those things. And do, within a
format of objectivity, give this information to you in that the information itself transcend from our reality to yours. Therefore, we be Transcendors as you be for upon coming to us seeking guidance you have in actuality chosen to transcend reality and time
and space. In actuality, we and you are Transcendors.

Q. Have the Transcendors worked in this capacity before this time period?

The Transcendors: Indeed. Many times. We be a portion thereof those which spoke through the entity Edgar Cayce, also we have spoken before through the entity Eli, and further through the form himself as he be then a wise man within that area referred
present day India.

Q. Could you explain what happens to the form during the trance state and what connection, what were his choices in choosing and when did he choose to do this and has this whole pattern of him becoming a trance medium been a choice before he came
into this existence or was it a choice he made during this existence?

The Transcendors: It be a choice prior to the physical incarnation as well as a choice during the physical incarnation. Understand when there be a choice on one level there be such on all levels. It be that the entity choosing the path of least resistance to fulfill
karma did see through the readings, the studying of parapsychology, that there be a means to assist others where one himself need not take responsibility. It be somewhat of a selfish motive and yet at the same time a highly beneficial motivation. It be that the
entity chose to assist others, desired greatly to assist others and at the same time did not choose to accept the responsibility of same. How can this be done? Allow someone else to give direction, simply supply the body. That is exactly what he did. He supplied
the body, the vehicle and then himself went to sleep, had a dream, woke up with no sense of responsibility. “He didn’t say that, they did.”

Physiologically, the body upon entering the trance state there be an initial slowly down, suppression of the nervous system itself in that the impulses within the body are slowed down from the neck down, the heart beat slower restricting the blood flow in the
blood vessels themselves in the lower extremities of the body. By such less blood flow, less oxygen be required to maintain the physical body. Thereby more blood, higher impulse of nerves, electrons, be allowed
within the mind/brain area. The brain be stimulated
and accessed to the subconscious levels. As the physical body itself slowly enters a relaxed, suppressed state, the consciousness of the form be then set aside in that it leave the physical-ness of the form and become involved within a dreamlike state.
It in actuality cross realities to ours, not in totality for if there be total crossing then the form not return, it be rather at approximately two percent but sometimes less remain in the physical form.

At this point there be a subconscious triggering of the autonomic system into which there be a finger twitch which signal the director. The director then count in sequence to the breathing pattern of the form. You will note that the breathing be deep and
rhythmic and slow. This supply oxygen to the mind, the brain itself, allowing an even further increase or surge in power and mind awareness, in stimulation. At this point in time the pineal gland be impulsing highly as be the pituitary glands. As the director
reach that phrase which be termed trigger phrase, at this point in time be there total (in as much as there can be total) release of the consciousness. The body itself be entered by one in that it be an equal trade, by one energy force that do then take
over the maintenance of the physical form. The second sequence be used to balance the amino acids within the body and allow for the entry to be adjusted to gain control of the total physical being, make adjustments where it be necessary and
control those adjustments. Upon the phraseology, “Please clear the mind,” at this point the subconscious itself be somewhat overrode in that it be the subconscious in a state of attempting to attain normal body functions, the need be suppressed in
itself and it relinquish control. It be at this point that we of the Transcendors do take vocal control of the physical form.

The Transcendors: Understand that without direction, without prior meditation and subconscious direction, as the form himself did experience, there can be somewhat side effects in that earlier states, not knowing differently and not asking, the form experienced that which be not unlike rigor mortis. All body functions were literally shut down to the extremities. Understand that were one to choose this state must understand that the body
must be prepared for such entry and it must literally be programmed as this body has now been programmed. For each cell within the body have in itself a mind, a thought pattern, and this must be trained and is ofttimes overlooked. That be the basic process in very short.

Q. Where does the voice come from and is it a resonance of a past life the form had or is it one that you have had?

The Transcendors: If one speaks of that referred accent somewhat and it be somewhat though oft-times perceived differently from those who do hear it. It be in actuality from a resonance that we ourselves would state, call, the valedictorian, the orator have a
physical existence being in that area of India and did travel about India, Turkey and to the inclusion of Pakistan of today and did take on accents or speech characteristics of those lives. The orator being the form himself.

Q. Why have the Transcendors chosen this time period to interact with our reality again?

The Transcendors: It be that we perceive and receive direction that there be need and requirement for those within the physical realities to find that which they seek. There be a common understanding, a common coming together or awareness that there
be more, more than those of orthodox nature. Many, many people find that there be an awareness within themselves that there be truly more to themselves and it be that we have chosen at this time to relate within your realities to assist in the discovery
of that awareness, that which we discovered long ago.

Q. Does the length of the induction denote the depth of the trance state and does it have a direct effect on the depth of the trance state?

The Transcendors: Indeed so. It be that the length of the induction allow for the body itself physically first the opportunity to adjust to the trance state. Understand that physiological change take time and one cannot simply rush into such. Also, the mental state of the form himself need time to relax, to find a focal point, to take his mind off that which is to come and place it upon another objective so there be not the desire to remain. Understand with desire so be strengthened the ability to stay, the choice to stay and if there be such then there be no state.

Q. Yes, I understand. What effect does the medium himself have in his personality makeup and belief systems have to the quality of the channel in its initial and ongoing?

The Transcendors: To the basic belief structures, we of the Transcendors refer oft-times to the Creator as God. The entity Rik be of a Christian upbringing as the induction phrase itself be of a high spiritual Christian nature. It be on these belief systems
that the induction, the trance state itself be built, the trust factor. Consciously and subconsciously the form believe totally, have total faith that God be protecting him during this state, that God being the ideal would not allow others to be harmed from this state. Understand there are certain mandates that the form himself have laid down that we cannot violate and would not violate as we be in total agreement with those mandates. The mandate above all things be that assistance shall be given and only given if it be of benefit. At no time are we allowed, would we even consider giving that which could be used to harm another.

Q. Is that why certain information that is asked about the statement comes back that this information is cloaked?

The Transcendors: Indeed so. Misuse of such be it personal or of a nature that others could manipulate it and use it for destructive purposes. Indeed, there are certain rays that could be of great medical benefit and we have and can give knowledge of same.
However, these rays also can be used for destruction, vast destruction and therefore cannot and will not be given.

Q. You say “cannot and will not” is that based on the ability of this world to utilize those in a peaceful, helping way?

The Transcendors: Indeed so. When man’s intent do change then such be available.

Q. If that’s the case then there really are no limits to the types of questions or topics that can be asked about through the Transcendors?

The Transcendors: Indeed not. No limits but those that we would place upon it.

Q. Can anyone become a trance medium or is it a special gift as some people profess that only certain individuals have?

The Transcendors: If there be desire, so there be result. There have to be desire with intent. It is that it be impossible for anyone to enter this state. It be however that one must first believe in this state. One must have the intent of assistance to others or of benefit to enter this state. We within the spiritual realm find no reason why if it be growth we seek that we would speak through one that seek the opposite and we would not. Understand that the physical man, being somewhat limited in perspective, must grasp the true belief that there be more to reality. If one believe such, believe in the good that can come from such, and the information that can be gained, and do strive for, make a commitment to that then anyone can and could enter this state.

Q. Could you explain at this time the importance of preparation for a session with yourselves especially the importance of the questions and the openness of the questioner?

The Transcendors: Definitely. You must understand that it be a two-way door, it cannot be all giving and all receiving. When one sits down and writes one’s questions what be one doing? Seeking assistance? Indeed. One also be evaluating self, seeing the
state where one be and through this evaluation process the entity itself be advancing. When one decide to have a session and one be at a certain state. When one sit down and write the questions, evaluate oneself, totally open and honest one’s state
has now progressed for they are no longer where they were. Coming to the session, relating with we, the Transcendors and doing so with the intent of learning and understanding, of re-evaluating oneself objectively with total openness one again advances.
There have been three advances and yet not one word spoken. Progress now to the session that which be available be now unlimited. If one come here with the intent of simply having a good time, of checking it out, this be of benefit, however, but one step
be taken rather than three.

Q. A lot of people coming to a session tend to test the information, does that take away from the session and does that…?

The Transcendors: The intent be somewhat clouded. When we The Transcendors be directed to locate an individual, be it within a session – a one to one or as a group, we do locate that individual as personality and soul. We do locate on a conscious,
subconscious, super-conscious level. We locate physiologically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. We locate through all systems of the body. If the intent be but to check validity and the entity be closed then it be like trying to get through a door,
a steel door, with a wooden crowbar. Location be almost non-existent for in testing themselves coming with the intent of testing, they prevent that very testing.

Q. Why, during some of the sessions, or why are some sessions longer than others and do the type of questions asked affect the length of the session?

The Transcendors: Somewhat. The energy levels. We will attempt to explain. The energies of the physical form, the energies of the transcending in itself do draw upon all those things which be about. You will notice that oft-times laughter be injected,
from such the energy level be increased and through such increasing the form himself be able to, for lack of a better means of explaining, feed off this energy, sustain the mental, emotional and spiritual being itself and we transform this energy into the
usage that we use to cross over, to transcend realities. You are holding open a door and there be a wind blowing against that door and it take energy. Also the physical state of the form himself prior to entering the state have some bearing.

Q. What connection to the form do I have as his director and what is the role of the director and was that also agreed to prior to coming to this existence?

The Transcendors: Indeed so. Firstly, the director of present have much experience in the format of directing, there be much gained, there also be much more to be gained in the changing format of the source itself. The director now must learn to research for himself somewhat. It be not all given. Also the director in a very basic sense have within your responsibility the physical well-being of the form while in the state. We can protect somewhat, however, any physical contact, any physical danger must be foreseen by the director and therefore prevented by the director. In this state the form be hyper-sensitive and physical contact be not desired. We use and we do not make excuse for using the director as a sounding board, as a second half of a comedian team to build laughter. We also use the director’s subconscious for information. We use the director as a close assimilation process. The director be used to explain in lay terms that which we have difficulty placing into terminology of understanding for the client. The director be an extension of the trance state.

Q. The trust factor that is required for the trance state is that a resonance from the past or is that something that is built as time goes on?

The Transcendors: There be two perspectives. In some cases there be a past resonance as with the form and the form’s spouse. As to the present director and the form it be a new experience for each. It be a step forward for each in the building of a
relationship, a trusting relationship and a balanced relationship in that there be total trust and honesty sought and available to be found.

Q. Do you have a closing comment?

The Transcendors: We would say to those who would listen to this, that what we give be given to thee in love and understanding. It be given to thee totally for growth, for awareness. It be given to thee with no negative intent. It be your choice as
to whether it be accepted. If and whether it be of benefit for in the final stages of all things it be your decision as to what path you will take. And we would say to thee go in love and understanding and do follow the path of the Nazarene. We do thank thee.