Richard Stephen Thurston Aug. 31,1950 – Sept. 17, 2011

Accomplished in various forms of meditation, an internationally known “non-conscious” trance channeler, Rik has been a teacher of the paranormal since childhood. At the age of 11, he became inspired by the book “There is a River“, based on the life of Edgar Cayce. After years of dedicated practice he achieved his goal of entering the trance state, and now delivers messages of insight and compassion and understanding. Individuals from all avenues of life seek him out in times of need to answer life’s most difficult and challenging questions. Born in Picton, a small town west of Kingston, Canada, Rik discovered an interest in the life of Edgar Cayce at that early age. He studied numerous processes of meditation, self-hypnosis as well as Eastern philosophies and religions. Due to a keen interest in people and their needs, life found Rik working for nineteen years with the developmentally handicapped. He specialized in the areas such as physical and behavioral problems of these individuals. During this time he continued to work on conscious states and developed the ability to astral project. Through years of practice and much dedication Rik eventually achieved his dream of the “non-conscious” (meaning he was unaware of the messages coming through him on a conscious level) in the trance states. He has delivered messages of insight and compassion to individuals from all areas of life who seek him to help with life’s adversity and intriguing circumstances.

For over 31 years, Rik and his sources have guided, directed and assisted individuals to expand their life’s direction and understand life’s meaning . Through accessing the deep trance state a group of spiritual entities called “The Transcendors” provide answers to your questions. He also achieved the animated state to allow single entities to provide their expertise in helping others. These are “Mikaal, Demetri, and Peter” which have their own personalities and bring us different view points on life. Rik has provided over 8000 readings throughout his life to encourage self enlightenment in both public and personal readings.

Rik has appeared on radio and television, and in many magazines and newspapers . He has also done sessions for numerous celebrities such as Shirley MacLaine and Brendan Fraser.

Rik has had some amazing and very unique experiences in his life which I’ve had opportunity to witness and hear about throughout the years. I have compiled a few here to show you, in his own words just how distinctive and unique his life was.

In the last few years when we were doing personal sessions, I would pull out the digital recorder when people would ask Rik about his life. Here, we have some of Rik’s explanations of what he experienced, in his own words. Rik went through years of self-training to develop the trance state. He had no formal training except for what he read in books. This was also a time when you didn’t speak of these things to anyone, or you’d be looked at as strange.

How He Did It


He describes for us what happened the first time he accessed the trance state, actually it was the second time because he didn’t believe it when it first happened.
1st Trance

Rik had many different, unique experiences while working with the trances states. He explained to us about a time when he could read minds. He said he discovered that this was not something he wanted to do because he says that people have so many thoughts going through their heads that they confuse themselves and he wanted no more of that. He created a meditation where he would go down a corridor in his mind and slam all the doors. He found this to be an effective treatment to this experience.

Some practices he attempted actually helped him with the Trance states

When working with the mentally handicapped and training them on various life exercises he had this encounter with time stopping. He is talking with a colleague when this transpired…

Over the years we’ve had many varied clients and friends come to the trances sources for guidance, direction, a different perception, physical advice and help on different projects, etc. Here he explains how a couple different clients gained from their interactions.. i.e.cancer, finding gold.


He describes how he viewed his sources, which he did not interact with, they were strangers to him in the physical existence because he had to remove himself so they could come through. Here he reveals his connection or lack of…

and what it does to his body……

Here he describes how one source that spoke through another medium wanted to speak to the Transcendors
theonesmeet transcendors

Rik realizes, through his ‘trial and error ‘ process that he needed help. He explains

rikpicInterestingly Rik could not listen to the recordings of the material given by his sources because that would give him a headache. I asked about this once and the Transcendors explained that his subconscious was in conflict because he was not supposed to be there to hear the trance and this would cause him discomfort.

Here he describes what he called the ‘Watchers’, when he first initiated the trance state and how they became the Transcendors.

Rik gained many insights from people explaining to him what the sources were speaking about while he was in trance and sometimes he used this to deepen his states of consciousness. Here’s an example.

riknmegoodI have seen many magical and miraculous happenings throughout my years with Rik, that when I look back at them we almost took for granted that this was every day life for people, not so. One event that has stayed with me for years and we never thought to ask about. We were living in a house that we were renting and was starting to cost us to fix up. We decided that it was time to create the reality of our dream to by our own house. We decided to get the pendulum out and dowse the map to find the place we should move to. We spread the map on the floor and Rik held his pendulum over the map. It immediately pointed on a 45 degree angle towards a small town north of Belleville. We were shocked. We moved the map to another area on the floor thinking there was electrical or magnetic influence on the pendulum, but every time he would hold the pendulum over the map it would go to a 45 degree angle and hold there. We laugh it off as ‘upstairs’ antics and decide to look in that area but didn’t find anything suitable at the time.

We did get a house that we lived in for 10 years but not in that district. Funny that the second move did bring us to the area that the pendulum point to some 12 years before. This is one of the many little nudges we often got from the outside.

The information that has come through Rik from his sources is ageless, practical and very insightful, with a richness of knowledge. I hope you will take a look at his achievements and find your own magical and miraculous answers and revelations. This site is a means for individuals to access Rik’s library of Source materials collected over 31 years. It offers information and hopefully inspiration, even though he is no longer with us on this physical plane …. please take a look.