The Transcendors:

T229 – Food & Nutrition for Mind, Body and Emotions#1:  Mankind is reflective of the environment.  Your body is a device for balance in digestion of the environmental influences which also affects the mental—emotional balances. Here are many different ways to understand and become aware of your food and you.

T229–Food & Nutrition for Mind, Body and Emotions#2: How you feel about food will effect your eating patterns.  Here are some helpful understandings of how your mental and emotional states will affect your eating processes. Learn about the food pyramid plus the best time to eat certain food groups for maximum balance in the physical body, and more…

T227 – The Changing World:  A very profound look at where humanity, the world and the individual is heading. You need to hear this!

T226 The Intent of Success:  A fresh look at the intent behind what you want to achieve.

T225 – Environmental Impacts: The foundation of life is our environment and how we are effecting it.

T224 – The Story of Eve: The expressive/ receptive energies of reality are both needed for balance and how to bring that about.

T223 – Crop Circles Revealed: What are they? Where do they come from? Why are they on our earth? Transcendors explain.

T222 – Know Thy Self: A powerful session on getting to know you.

T221 – General Interests: Some topics discussed – ETS, contaminated food, time speeding up?, past life of Oprah, is love learned or innate?, etc.

T220 – Alternative Reality: You have two choices…. You choose this – What happens to that? Transcendors explain.

T219 – Free Will & Choice: Choice is based on reactions to reality, need drives reality.  Are you exercising your free will and choice for your greatest good?

T218 – Helpers In Spirit: Guides, angels, deceased loved ones are all discussed as our helpers from beyond.

T217 – Karmaggedon: Beginning Or End?:  Why do we think of karma as such a terrible thing? Communities, nations, families and  individuals have karma, are you driving yours?

T216 – A Daily Dose Of Spirituality: Expectations of life, being pro-active and sharpening awareness of self, for example helps us to become a multi-faceted individual.

T215- The World In Change: Intent and will are changing in the world. Rapid progression is happening. Everything and everybody is affected.

T214- General Interests #16: Cancer cures, change for people and nations, Bible Code book, karma of Canada, etc.

T213- General Interests #15: Group consciousness creates where the world will go. 88 piano keys, sun spots, the human aura, etc

T212- General Interests #14: Mankind helps man, crystal skulls, who are the Transcendors’ guides? God?, etc.

T211- General Interests #13: Generalization verses individualization, how the full moon clears crystals, castor oil – why it works, gravity, etc.

T210- General Interests # 12: Y2K, music and behaviour, anti-Christ, future of DNA testing, etc

T209- General Interests #11: Spirit communications, Poltergeist defined, cluster migraines, electrolytes explained, etc.

T208- General Interests # 10: Thoughts and emotions, Titanic and social karma, Dimensional shifts, children with guns in school, etc.

T207- The Spirit of Nature: What is Nature? Why does it continue to exist, despite the infection of mankind?

T206- General  Interests #9: Change explained, food combinations, Coma – what happens?, Blood type and diets, etc.

T205- Reality: This tape actually tells us the steps to creating reality and what can help or hinder the process.

T204- General Interests #8: Bio-technology. Cold fusion. Lady Diana & Mother Theresa connection. Body language. Some universal dream symbols.

T203 – Aliens; International Traders: The influence on mankind by various Ets. Some Bible references explained to be Ets.

T202- General Interests #7: Behavioural conditioning. Magnetic Pole Shift. UFO’s on Mexico. Animal guides? Etc.

T201- General Interests#6: The mind and how it creates reality. Psychic Surgeons. Swine Creation. Genetic engineering of food, etc.

T200- Realizing Psychic Potential: Examining your psychic talents and abilities can help manifest your goals psychically.

T199- General Interests #5: Mars, 48 over souls, walk-ins, genetic coding, spontaneous healing, all explained and more.

T198- General Interests #4: Reality creating using visualization, Neanderthal man and DNA, cloning, automatic writing, are discussed and much more.

T197- General Interests #3: Time, cycles & patterns, Mother Earth consciousness, books, medical transplants and karma, to name a few

T196- General Interests #2: Self perceptions, BRE-X, spleen explained, Healing, Love & Acceptance in Healing, conditional Love and other answers.

T195- General Interests #1: The colours of food and how they effect the body, Photon Belt, Hale Bob, and many more interests.

T194- Vibration & Energy: In our reality everything is made up of these two. Science can sometimes measure these but not always. There is more then we can perceive in our universe.

T193- ET’s; Who are They & Why are They Here: Down to earth knowledge of the ET’s interacting with the earth reality at this time and why.

T185- Following The Paths of the Nazarene: This 8 CD series covers the
T186- past lives and soul progression
T187- of Jesus, The Christ. Why he was
T188– called upon, what he had hoped
T189- to achieve, how he prepared
T190- himself for the task, and how he
T191- grew during and between lifetimes



The Transcendors Continued:

T184- ET’s & Atlantis: An interesting look at the interactions of ET’s in Atlantis and some of the things we inherited from those times.

T183- More on ET’s: Discovery of some not so pleasant visitors of earth and why we should avoid them.

T175- Interstellar Visitors: An introduction to an extraterrestrial series explaining the 8 different protectors of the earth and how they came to be that way.

T176- The Pleiadians & Syrians

T177- The Bootes

T178- Alpha Centurions

T179- Orion

T180- Comsuli

T181- Zeta Riticuli

T182- Poulseti

T174- Name That Disease 2: A continuing look at the karma of diseases.

T173- Name that Disease 1: General karmic influences of different diseases, such as Alzheimer, MS, MD, etc.

T172- Earth Changes for 1994 & Beyond: A look at changes expected in various areas in the future. Political, environmental, and health areas, to name a few.

T170- Mind Maladies & Other Abnormalities: An interesting look at different mind problems in our society. Also a spiritual view of twins, conjoined twins and some others

T169- The Future & I: What can we expect from the future and how can we prepare for it. Are you ready?

T168- The Dead Sea Scrolls: A look at some interpretations of the scrolls. The who, what and why of the scrolls.

T167- Major Surgery; Removing The Funny Bone: A look at our history and culture and how the humour is removed from life.

T166- Earth’s Predictions: What earth predicts for herself into the 21st century and mankind’s direct impact on her.

T164- Laws of Life: Experience the true laws to life. Also includes a brief overview of the laws of the 9 dimensions.

T163- 24 Aspects of Harmony: Information packed session on the yin -yang aspects of mankind. Teaches how we choose our zodiac sign to help balance karmic aspects.

T162- Up-Down & All Around: Unlimited perceptions of life and how to live them.  Learn to perceive that you can live up, down and all around.

T161- Where to From Here? Do you know where you are headed? How do you respond when opportunity knocks? Exercises to deal with doubts and fears of risk taking.

T160- Cannibalism: What’s Eating You? An interesting look at inbred problems and how to rid ourselves of them.

T159- If it Appears a Mountain, Climb It! Who’s responsible for your reality? Will you stay in the valley or climb the mountain?

T158- The Teeth Can Stay, The Gums Have To Go! Society is living with 2000 year old beliefs. Are you a sheep or are you leading the flock?

T157- It’s Yours, It’s Mine; The Meeting of East and West: Why is there a need for territorial rites and possessiveness? Have these limits gone too far?

T156- The Talking Anatomy: How the shape and size of various body parts have spiritual significance and karma.

T155- Researching The Transcendors: Discussions with the Transcendors on how they interact in our reality and some of the processes they use.


T154- 9 Dimensions: Defines and clarifies the different dimensions.

T153- Multiple Dimensions: Describe the dimensions that exist within our universe.

T152- Changes; Who’s Pulling Whom’s Strings? Discusses taking control of your life. How focusing on the past holds us to

patterns. How to deal with the risk of change.

T151- Devices for Mankind: Describes meditation, relaxation and other forms of devices to assist us in development and growth.

T150- 2150; A Bridge Across Time: The Transcendors bridge time to speak with “Cara Lee”, an individual living in the year 2150.

T148- New Age & Religion: How religions are changing to meet the needs of the people and how new age fits in. Are they really that different?

T146- Biblical Interpretations – 1:

T147- Biblical Interpretations – 2:

T145- Enterprises Within the New Age: What can we expect from small businesses and large corporations in the new age. Are you ready?

T144- Attitudes: A Way of Life: How your attitudes affect your life and those around you

T143- Love & Relationships: A Question of Sexuality: An ongoing look at relationships and our interplay within them.

T142- World Consciousness 1989-90’s: What does the world hold in store for us in the new decade?

T141- Extraterrestrials; Are They Among Us? A look at some of the different life forms of our universe.

T140- Philosophically Speaking: The Transcendors speak on their philosophy and how it can affect mankind’s actions.


Evening Series:

T369 – Integrating Life & Meditation: By managing your thoughts you will begin to see all aspects of your ‘self’ and focus on the relationships to ‘oneself’,and  how to integrate  into your life.

T368 – Karma: Cause & Effect:  Karma is a process of life and in all reality it is the motivating influence to life. Learn how to use this aspect for learning and growth in your reality.

T367 – Social Narcissism: Society  should reflect our values.  Religions, nations and governments want you “ to believe as we believe’. Understand how you can assert your self value while working within these concepts.

T366 –The Changing World:  We are on the threshold of change in the world .  Change is a part of existence and the impact of it affects mankind.  Learn how these changes are affecting the balance of the world.

T365- When it Began:  How the soul came to be.

T364-  Sleep Order & Disorder: A look at the many different things you can do to get yourself a good night sleep.

T363 -Youth & The Next Generation:  An overview of what we can expect for the next generations.

T362 – The Role of Sex in Reality:  We are working our way back to the beginning when all had  non-separation.

T361- General Issues #7: Angels’ appearances, perceiving vibration, looking at an expansive life, global warming, etc.

T360 – Connectivity thru Energy: How we are all connected – even when we don’t realized  it.

T358 – The U.S. & The World Perceptions: How It Was.. It is … & It Will Be…. – The USA is discussed by a group in the states.

T357 – General Interests – The smile trick, Dr. Phil past lives, perceptions, what is “lucky”? Are all discussed and more…

T356 – Past Lives of Personalities – Revisited: A  look at various past live of different personalities, i.e. Oprah, Bush, Camellia, The Donald, Deepak Chopra.


T355 – Family – It was… It’s Becoming…In the “good old days” there was the extended family, cousins, neighbors, etc.  Family is the core of support for people, if the family fails so does the world.

T354 – Science & Future: Free flowing energy devices to look forward to, but mankind needs a disaster to make change.

T353 – The Endangered Humanitarian: More and more there is a disconnection between people.  How do we re-connect?

T352 – General Interests: SARS vaccine? West Nile Disease – Mother Nature’s battle, staying positive, etc.

T351 – A New World Order: Where have we come from as a planet? Where are we going to as a world? What powers are and will work in the future.

T350 – Graduations Within the Astral Planes: Transcendors teach us how the soul graduates through the various planes.

T349 – An ET Perception of Us: How do ETs view us and the happenings on our planet.

T348 – Manifestation: Heart or Mind? There is a part of your mind in every cell of your body .  The Transcendors describe the processes of manifestation and how they work.

T347 – Introduction to Channeling: A very informative look at different states of consciousness and unconsciousness.

T346 – General Interests: Self demands, how life began on earth, research on brain studies, to name a few topics discussed.

T345- Millennium: Are you Ready? What can be expected in the millennium, how will things change?

T344- Specializing in Diversification: There is a higher demand than ever for knowledge and information. This will change the why  we interact with each other.

T343- Familiarity: Unknowingly Stuck in Place: How we become desensitized and our recognition of life lessons and what to do to build from there.

T342- When it’s all said and Done?  We’ll go thru the cycles of life, that are ever changing us. But what is the most important?


T341- General Interests: Youth violence, 20th Century Diseases, Capturing the moment to slow down time, etc.

T340- Justified Outcomes; Lost Opportunities: Why do we defend everything we think and feel? Does reality need to be justified?

T337- General Issues #2: The earth’s axis, Photon Belt, Second Coming, Mars space probe, Investments, soul mates & twin flames, & many more.

T336- General Issues #1: The Work Force, Ascension, Stock Market , Earth Changes, the future of newspapers, Generation X, the karma of organ donors, to name a few.

T335- Ascension: There are many different beliefs on ascension all over the world. What does ascension really mean and will we have understanding of it in or life time?

T334- Emotional Communication: Do you really know how to communicate with your partner? Learn how to respond instead of react in relationships and how to have a richer more fulfilling interaction.

T333- Creating Your Reality: A look at various situations in your reality creations. How the soul, sub-conscious and karma come into play with creating a reality.

T332- Mastering Time: How so many of us are slaves to time. Here are many practical techniques to master time and use it in the way it is meant to be used.

T331- Adapting Negative Input: We have been patterned and programmed to use and assume the negative before the positive in life. You can turn this around  to make it positive.

T330- Nostradamus: A Doom & Gloom Reality: The well known prophet’s predictions interpreted by the Transcendors.

T329- Astral Projection: A new look at changing the focus of the mind to help separate it from the body.



Evening Series Continued:

T328- Whales, Dolphins & Ocean Life-forms: A humbling view of the souls in the water and where they can help mankind.

T327- Atlantis; The Probable Reality: This is where we’d be if Atlantis had not’t sunk!

T326- Angels, Saints & Celestial Beings:   A look at these various entities, how they interact with us, and how we can draw them into our reality.

T325- Canada; Its Path, Its People: The changes in Canada in the future are very pleasing. What will it take to get there?

T324- Voodoo, Who do , What Do? Influence of religion on beliefs and how charismatic leaders, politicians affect the way we see things.


T323- Environmental Update: Does mankind and Mother Earth work naturally together? How can we help her?

T322- Mind Potential: As a child there are no inbred impurities to the mind. Limits are placed. Challenge your mind everyday. Here is how to.

T321- Karma & The Justice System: How law and justice are different. Is there truly justice in our system?

T320- Nation’s Karma & Consciousness: Various nations karma and development to new consciousness, including USA, Middle East, Russia, etc.

T319- Native American: Lessons: The philosophy of the First People, the natural harmony and the care-taking of the earth.

T318 – Probabilities & Possibilities: How to make possibilities, probabilities and probabilities realities.


T317- Past Lives Of Personalities: Delves into different personalities such as Queen Elizabeth, Mozart, Edgar Cayce, to name a few. A thought provoking look at various past lives.

T316- The 1990’s Family: What can we expect from the future generations? What’s in store our children and our children’s children?

T315- Future Contact: A view of the future by going ahead in time to show us the changes.

T314- Following the Path: Separates Jesus, the man from his teachings.

T313- Reality; Who’s In the Driver’s Seat?: How others influence our realities if we don’t take responsibility ourselves

T312- The Web We Weave: How we complicate our lives and how to work with it, and simplify it.


Demetri Series:

D430: Political Opinions: Demetri shares a view ( sometimes humorous) of our political systems from a spiritual, objective perspective.

D429 –Perceptual Potential: Your world revolves around you. The more you let the outside world rule you the less you have impact on reality and lessen the self . Learn how to hold on to your personal power.

D428—Lemons to Lemonade: Experience and adapt to change which comes from the inside for better impact on both your internal and external reality. What you project you will reflect.

D427-Environmental Update: Human lives are at risk if we continue to abuse our environment . This awareness is needed to see a turn around on these issues.

D426 –General Interests: 4 basic emotional realities, the pros and cons of choice, ET sightings, dimensional shifts, how to broaden unlimited perceptions, and much more

D425 – Risk & Trust: You judgements will make you curb your risk of being yourself. Trust is proportionate to risk. How to find that trust?

D424 –Personal Intent—Probable Actions: Find out how desire works when creating an intended reality. “What is in this for me?” You intent has an impact on the world around you.

D423 –Habits & Patterns: Are your habits holding you back? Do your patterns create a balance to your life? Find out how to work with these aspects.

D422 – General Interests: wiccan religion belief, changing magnetic field, lei lines, Mayan calendar choice factor, Harmonized Tax, i.e. a few things discussed

D421—General Interests: North Korea testing nuclear weapons, Asteroid in Russia, weather changes & the best places to be in Canada, more women in government.

D420—A Plan for Action: “Is this my way of thinking?” “What makes you happy?””how does this fulfill me?”,all questions you will want to ask yourself to produce a plan.

D419 – Motivation:”Why is one drawn to an experience?” “What is the reward?”

D418 – Responsibility: Examine when or how or whether to take responsibility and when it is assumed or a burden.

D417 – Relationships: Exposing the Hidden Agenda: Your relationship with yourself id the very first one you have, “Who am I?” in relationship to the world I exit.

D416 -Talking To Yourself: Minding your thought and creating a positive thinking pattern.

D415 – General Interests: No one takes responsibility in government, using a negative to create a positive, some headway made in environmental issues.

D414 – Demetri on Politics: Interesting and different views on how politics should be handled.

D413 – General Interests : Americans trying to get the world to change, karma of SARS, cellular memory explained, etc.

D412 – Yin – Yang: A Male/Female Dynamic: Relationships have a passive/ aggressive reality to exist. What is needed to balance these?


D411 – General Interests: Terrorist activity in Europe, USA corporations to rebuild Iraq, North Korea create rumblings, etc.

D410 – General Interests: Anti- Christ update, spirit master, religions, afterlife, wisdom verses intelligence, etc.

D409 – Conflict Resolution: Demetri explains how personal perceptions begin conflicts. How to resolve relationship and life issues.

D408 – Developing Relationships: What is important in relationship? Does unconditional love actually exist?

D407- Dreaming the Dream: Take the fantasy or dream and make it reality. The how to of the big picture.

D406- Emotional Engineering: A four tape series examining emotions and how to work with them. A life changer! ($65. For The Set)

D405- Love is Easy: Living together can be difficult. Can the sexes get it together?

D404- Exploring Self Perception: A look at how your own perceptions can limit or enhance your life.

D403- Copping Out Or Coping: Which is better, when should you do either? Why we choose to cope or not.

D402- Judgments: Perceptions of Opinion: An in-depth discussion on
judgments and how we use them in our everyday existence.

D401- Exercises & Enhancements for Spiritual Growth: Simple, everyday practices to enrich and change your life.


Mikaal Series:

M520 – Past Projection—Future Connections: Collective consciousness is part of everything. Learn how and why.

M517 – In a Much Bigger World: One individual can make an impact on the world. You create it, believe it and reach out.

M516 –Energies Unseen: Individuality does not men separateness, we are never alone.

M515 –Self Esteem: Internal & external perceptions, nature or nurture that give us self esteem? Discover the composite you.

M514 –Life Investment: Does life live you, rather than you living life? Do you settle for rather than make it your reality?

M513 – Mental/Emotional Disorders: Savants explained, Autism, Alzheimer’s, depression, and more are discussed here.


M512 – The Positive Side: We limit our interactions because of a fear of not being accepted. Acceptance is the positive side of judgment.

M511 – The Reflective Body: How your body will often reflect your thought, emotions and beliefs.

M510 – Body Aware – Body Conscious: Think yourself healthy! You control it. It takes less energy to be happy.

M509 – How to… A View of Disease: Mikaal explains how we look at disease and how to overcome negative thoughts about illness.

M508- Mikaal On Healing: Explains the non-alignment of the mental and emotional self. Talks to the healer and the person to be healed.

M507- Complementing Health: How colors, sounds and other energies can affect our bodies.


M506- Building Health: How your beliefs on health affect you. How you can bring your mind in harmony with your body.

M505- Earth Healing: Discusses many topics on the earth, including the chakras of the earth, and tells us what we can do to help the earth.

M504- Dream States: Mikaal describes various states of being. An explanation of the term God-child, also the difference between himself and the Transcendors.

M503-A Discourse On Healing: How one’s physical body is a projection of one’s soul, a though. Therefore, if one can change their thought, can they not change the physical body?

M502- Why are People, People? Mikaal explains what makes us unique in our human form.

M501- Mikaal: A Biographical Sketch: Mikaal describes himself and his spiritual growth.


Peter Series:

P117 – Social Suppression or Chaos? Peter enlightens us on society’s suppression and the probable reality of chaos.

P116- The Challenge of Thinking: How to master your thought processes and become a better thinker.

P115- Stress & Survival: How to use stressful energy to your advantage to become pro-active instead of reactive to survival.


P114- Kundalini & The Autonomic System: How the sub-conscious mind interacts with the energy of the body.

P113- Sub-conscious: Are you on speaking terms with your sub-conscious mind? You should be, find out how.

P112- Karma: Are you driving it?

P111- Dreams: How, When, Where and Why?


P110- Beliefs: How you come to believe and what it means to your life.

P109- Astral Projection: A direct understanding of what and how to.

P108- Meditation: A descriptive, instructive view of meditation.


The Crystal Skull:

Feb. 25,1989

These are channeled sessions of information from the Anna Mitchell-Hedges Skull.


The Creating Your Reality Set:

A Smaller You in a Larger World #1
Making You Count #2
From Mind to Manifestation #3

Before the ‘secret’ became a secret, so it could be revealed, the Transcendors were sharing the history, the internal and external influences of the laws of attraction  and the principles of manifestation for years.

Learn how to get support from the outside world while manifesting from the inside.
Now you can have access to the information that changed so many peoples lives, straight from the source in a three CD set.

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