[h1]Richard Stephen Thurston Aug. 31,1950 – Sept. 17, 2011[/h1]
[h4]Eulogy By Gail[/h4]
InMem_01I would like to take this opportunity to welcome all of you and to thank you for being a part of the celebration of Rik’s life. Over the next hour we will remember Rik as a friend, a husband, and as an accomplished trance channeler. We will take a few moments out of this service to give some of you an opportunity to share your testimonials. Once we are finished with the service, we will be moving across the street to the Belleville Shrine Club and in a much less formal environment reconnect and share our memories with old friends and loved ones.

He had a very special relationship with his sister Sam. They thought nothing of the fact that they had telepathic conversations with each other. To them it was normal. From childhood, Rik had a voice in his head that talked to him, guided him, was a companion and friend. He learned early on that this was an experience his other friends didn’t share, and that it was best not spoken of, if he didn’t want to suffer the wrath of pre-adolescent boys.

Rik was only 11 years old when he read this book. It changed his life. From then on, he knew exactly what he wanted to do. When Rik told his father of his ambition, he was given this advice “whatever you choose, just make sure you do it well”. Let’s think about that for a moment. Most kids who told their parents that their life time ambition was to lay down and let spirits speak through them, would be immediately scheduled for a therapy session, or maybe an pre-event exorcism. It’s not likely they would have been encouraged to simply be the best that they can be. What a gift, to have a family that accepting and open.IMG_0855

I’ve spent a lot of time with Debbie over the last month. In our planning of today’s memorial, she insisted that this was Rik’s day and that what was talked about didn’t need to include her. I respectfully agreed with her at the time as I tend to prefer to shy away from confrontation. However, my silence on the matter should not have been interpreted as agreement. As someone who has been married to the same man for more than 25 years and has also worked in business with him for the same amount of time, I am fully qualified to speak about the level of patience, understanding and commitment that is required between married couples who spend their lives pursuing a common business goal.

Rik and Debbie shared a bond that few people will ever experience. They loved each other deeply and completely. Debbie’s role was to protect Rik when he was in trance. To make sure no harm could come to him. As she always said before a session, the Transcendors look after Rik from the inside and I look after him on the outside. I absolutely believe she was ready and willing to drop-kick anyone who even thought about coming close to Rik when he was in trance. Consider the trust that Rik had to have to literally put his life in her hands several times a day. They were a team, each bringing their strengths and talents to the relationship. It would not be fair to speak of one without mentioning the other.
It’s human nature to seek validation am I perceived as good at what I do, am I appreciated, did I make a difference? I’m not sure that Rik was ever fully aware of the monumental impact he had on so many people’s lives. Perhaps, unknowingly we all took what he did for granted. I’ve had the opportunity to read many of the heartfelt testimonials that have come in since his death. There is a consistent theme. He changed my life, he saved my life, and on and on they go. To quote an old Joanie Mitchell song “Don’t it always seem to go, that you don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone”
Life direction is determined by choices. When I look at Rik’s life, two very clear paths could have been taken by seven year old boy who could have chosen to go on to be a Baptist Preacher, or an eleven year old boy, who chose to be instead a spiritual teacher. Given Rik’s personality, no matter what he chose, he would have been the best that he could be. As a preacher, he would have given us the rules in which to live our lives. Instead, as a spiritual teacher, he gave us the tools in which to live our lives.
[h4]Eulogy By Gian[/h4]
Good afternoon everyone. We are here today to mourn the loss of a close friend and loved one but also to celebrate the life of an extraordinary person that has had a wonderful impact on so many lives. We know that life is temporary, that the body is like a shoe to the soul, as the Transcendors would say, when it wears out we cast it off and move on to our next journey. But no matter how much we truly understand this, losing someone close to us leaves a big void that is difficult to fill.
I met Rik almost 20 years ago. Like many others I was looking for insight and inspiration. I found both and so much more. Watching Rik practice his work was fascinating. When he was going into trance I used to close my eyes and see if I could go in there with him like a youngster in awe of his elders. Of course closing my eyes was as far as I got. He would often joke that he slept for a living in a way downplaying what he was doing. It may not have looked complicated but we know the process by which he actually did this took years of focus and hard work to master and was an extraordinary accomplishment. He was a person of immense and rare talents that was shared by so few in this world and yet you would never know it by his humble ways. It was through this dedication to serve others that he was able to give us a truly beautiful gift of wisdom and understanding of tremendous and lasting value.

The Transcendors have said living in the present and the future at the same time is like being betwixt and between, a foot in one world and a foot in another. This was true for Rik in more ways than we can know. It was a fascinating life but not easy by any means. Being a spiritual teacher is difficult in the best of times. The income nowhere reflected what was being offered and going in and out of trance threw the natural rhythms of life into constant disarray. As well the slow pace of comprehension in this world required a patience that would be difficult for any teacher let alone one that had a unique insight into multi-dimensional realities. He was in the truest sense a trail blazer. Over the years I would ask him about his experiences. Some of the places he went and things he did were truly extraordinary. You can value society by what it values. I believe Western society is lagging way behind. He was ahead of his time.

To build Star Enterprises and keep it going for all these years was difficult work but he and Debbie did just that to our great benefit. He was a full-fledged entrepreneur. He had to be to keep this idea alive. He would supplement this work with other ideas. Whether it was the picture frame business years ago or golf club making and teaching or the more recent activities of importing golf equipment from China, which was an interesting pursuit in its own right, Rik was keeping busy.

My relationship with Rik in the early years grew into a lasting friendship that will be with me forever. As we lived in different cities golf became our common excuse to get together. We all know he loved the game and was truly happy when he was on the course with his friends. Golf, as with bowling, were more than leisurely pursuits, they were essential for him to maintain his grounding in this reality. His natural way was upbeat, spirited, funny and playful. He was at his best when things were on the move and the conversation was witty. For me a wonderful time was driving into the golf course and seeing the guys on the driving range warming up, Rik was easy to spot because he had a very unique swing. After parking the car I would walk over and give Rik a big hug and greet the lads and get ready to enjoy a fun day on the course.

Now unfortunately for Rik, it usually took me most of the game to get the city out of my head. Because of this and to my dismay I noticed his game would usually follow the patterns of mine. He would shoot very well one day without me and then not so well when he played with me. I told him to cut it out and play his game but knew in his mind that if I was going to play poorly, so was he. I could see it in his eyes; he couldn’t help himself, it was his empathetic nature.

Interestingly not only would he play to my score but sometimes he would go even further and play his ball to exact spot as mine over and over again. It was quite impressive to say the least. One day after a few too many holes like this he out did himself. I hit a long drive down the fairway that came to rest behind a tree. I said nothing but thought to myself ‘no way on this one’. Rik gets up to the tee, hits the ball totally in a different direction, the ball lands and then rolls for what seemed like eternity and finally to all of our amazement at the last minute curved around the tree from the opposite side and came to a rest right beside my ball. When I turned to look at him in total shock he just looked at me with a mischievous grin and a twinkle in his eyes that said it all. This was him playing and having fun. His true nature was dynamic. If there is a definition of spirituality in action and this was it. We had a lot of laughs and good memories out there over the years with Murray, Doug and the guys.
Always and never too far away was that other worldliness that made up his complex personality. One day I was talking about meditation and some experiences I had and recall him saying that I was entering into his realm. The way he said it – I remember thinking there was so much more to him then we realize that he never really let on. A few years back when Rik and Debbie were in town we had an early dinner and afterwards went for a walk. While walking we passed a child with Downs syndrome. When the boy saw Rik his eyes and whole face lit up as if he saw a long lost friend and was transfixed as we walked by. This is one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen. The Transcendors said once that people with Downs syndrome are old souls that are going through life one last time.
There is a deep understanding of life’s meaning, of non separation, wisdom, love, compassion and kindness. I believe this child was seeing a kindred spirit as if he was finally arriving home from a long journey.

In later years I wondered and was concerned about the effect trance had on the body. I began to realize that every time he did this – he was giving a precious piece of his life for us. The magnitude of this has never left me as it was done knowingly by a person who truly gave of himself to others.

No words will capture the essence of my friend in a few short pages. He was a much too interesting and complex personality to do so. But simply he was a kind, generous, thoughtful and decent person that was very unique in so many ways.
Rik, you have left behind an incredible amount of wisdom and love and have had such a complimentary effect on so many people’s lives. You were and are a true friend and inspiration.
[h4]Eulogy By Debbie Thurston[/h4]
Can’t express enough appreciation for all the love, energy & blessings you all have been sending me. For a couple of weeks I was just vibrating with it.

If everyone would please indulge me and stand up, I would like to start with a small exercise that Mikaal use to start his workshops with. Now raise your arms high,Take a deep breath, in & out, now turn to you neighbor, put your arms down around them and give them a big hug.

That is the life I lived with Rik Thurston. People came into our life got a hug and went their way.

I am here today to talk to you about my favorite subject – Rik, as you knew him or Dad, Grandpa, Brother, Bother in law, Uncle, friend, golf buddy, bowling pal etc., I knew him as Rikadee or when we started going down south it became Richardo. He was the fullest part of my life and always a hug away.

He was a man who has lived many lives in one, he was a fisherman starting in his teens, then he met Karen and had three wonderful sons, who have 8 beautiful grandchildren. He regretted that because our life style, he could not see them as often as he would have liked. Throughout that time in his life was working with the mentally handicap and working on his own personal project of doing trance, plus raising a family.

When I met him, he was working on the hill or at the heights in Picton. We moved in together on Lake St, rented for a year and then 3 years renting Betts’ place by Waapoos. There we started a picture framing business so Rik would have something to do while conscious.

Rik quit on the hill to do trance full-time. That was 25 years ago. He had a heart attack while sleeping one night and we found out he would need quadruple by-pass, which he went through with flying colors and lots of spiritual incidents that kept me aware that he was protected. When he came home from that, we realized that through the business we were helping people with their dreams and it was time to start working on our own. So we bought a fixer upper on Burr RD by Mountain view. We had the shop for the framing which we continued for another 5-6 years. That house had lots of “fix it up projects” that let us practice some of Rik’s ideas

While living there for 11 years, Rik took a small engine repair course, I remember a lot of scraped knuckles.
And then came Golf in a big way. He took it up big time, he needed to know the game, how the clubs were made and how to teach the game. He learned all that and more and has been doing that for the last 15 years.

We moved to Roslin 10 years ago, and learned that Rik need to have 2 stints put into one of the bypasses that had closed.
He was aware that he was living on borrowed time and knew he had to make each moment count & he would sometimes reminds us of that.
We started going to Cuba on a regular basis and discovered a whole new family there. There were always new adventures and different people to meet.

In everything Rik did he was always the perfectionist and would not let it go unless it was completely right, I’ve had 3 kitchen floors in this house to proof it.
Rik also loved to read. On our holidays he would take 6 books with him, I’d take 3. He’d read all of his and mine too. I remember he ripped my book in half so he’d have something to read. Well, I got him a kindle so he could take as many books as he liked. We would go to dinner and tell each other about the story we were reading in the day and each night it was a continuation of the stories.
It’s funny because I use to always say to him ‘tell me a story’ and he would say “story”. I realize now that he was showing me a story.

In the 28 years I’ve know Rik, 24 that we’ve been together, he was always a man of high integrity, and a perfectionist who wanted to make things better. He would not deny anyone who came for help.

Just briefly, I will mention the other part of my family: Demetri; Who said at least 3 times that “this year sucks” and you know he was right!
Mikaal; with that tilt of his head, & one eye looking through you as if to say “Are you ready for this?”
Shaky Peter, who I always thought was chilled and needed a blanket.
And the Transcendors: who would give an exercise to ladies that were looking for a mate. They’d tell them to not look for perfection because that one was already taken. And in my mind I would say to myself, “Yeah, by me!”

Rik was gifted in his craft and I am honored to have witnessed and experienced it with him.
I’ve had a full life with this man we call Rik. I feel very blessed to have had this great and precious love of my life.

I just want to finish with a dream I had last weekend, I hadn’t had one since he past. If you ever got an email from Rik then you know that he would sign off by saying “Keep advancing the ball”
Well in my dream – and all you golfers out there know the sound of a perfect hit when that club connects, this I heard in my dream and when I turned around to see who hit, Rik must have been a few hundred yards back and the ball came and landed on my hand like this, the moniker on the ball said “Believe” and now I will send that out to you and all will know he still continues.

Please remember Rik taught us all that people can help people even if it’s only with a hug.
Thank youIMG_1527-150x150
[testimonial][h4]Love, Lisa[/h4]
Rik said to me [thru the Transcendors] to “trust myself to trust”. That brought me tears and planted seeds that are still growing.
Rik also had continued amazing insight with my friend Dianne and I even just shared some of  it with my sister today in Nevada. All of us have been moved by the warmth and wisdom of the Transcendors. I loved Rik’s humility and I love the way the two of you made me feel so comfortable in Toronto.
Thank you for everything[/testimonial]
[testimonial][h4]Warmest regards, Danja Brenninkmeyer[/h4]
I had two readings done by Rik and they have made a huge impact on my life. I was incredibly grateful to have been able to be in contact through Rik with my late grandfather and my late father-in-law. The knowledge I got from them through the Transcendors through Rik was incredibly deep and emotional  and still brings me great wisdom and happiness.[/testimonial]

[testimonial][h4]Much love, Violetta Ilkiw[/h4]
I have visited Rik a number of times over the years, and often it was just to get me grounded again, and he had a way of making me laugh – especially his impressions when he came out of trance. Though he had a knack of making me cry as well. Rik had a beautiful gift and provided so much insight and guidance in my life, and so many other lives. I thank you for sharing him and give many thanks to him. [/testimonial]

[testimonial][h4]With love, Sylvie Jensen[/h4]
I had I think 4 one hour sessions with Rik in the last few years and they were all very powerful. Often it would take me a year to fully digest them. The sessions were always profound and the words he channelled were the deeper truth. He was unique and devoted to help others get answers & understandings and I am deeply grateful for all that he gave. I will always cherish my sessions with him, they are all very special to me. He will be terribly missed.[/testimonial]

[testimonial][h4]Love and light, Armand[/h4]
I am terribly sorry to hear of your loss and everyone’s really, as he was a remarkably gifted man who helped me find answers to questions which were daunting to others and his words through the readings, newsletters and recordings rang with such no-nonsense clarity and insight that it was always, and will continue to be an inspiration.[/testimonial]

[testimonial][h4]Testimonial from Claude Beccai (Hogan)[/h4]
Rik’s parting makes me very sad Although I have not seen either of you for quite some time both of you hold a special place in my heart. I first met Rik in 1982. He was not only able to help me through his channelling but also as Rik himself. I did appreciate his sense of humour and his great integrity concerning the use of his gift. I am also extremely thankful to him and you for helping my daughter without ever being directive (letting her responsible to make her own choices) Rik I will miss you.[/testimonial]

[testimonial][h4]All my love, Kharim[/h4]
He was the model of kindness and generosity and he gave everything of himself to help the people in every way he could. He was honest and loving and had a tremendous impact on my life, both as the person that he was and through the help and guidance he gave me through the years through his channelling. I will forever be grateful for the help he provided me with in my life and that he gave his life to help the people. Rik was real! I have become the person that I am today because of the guidance and friendship I received both from and through Rik. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to know and interact with Rik for so many years and to have been able to call him my friend. Thank you Rik! You are loved.[/testimonial]

[testimonial][h4]Much love, much light, much laughter, thank you. Michael Dore.[/h4]
The information always seemed the highest quality, never crossing the line of free will and choice. The awareness of such spiritual information about myself and other topics indeed expanded my perspectives allowing for greater reflection and inner knowing of myself and of life. And so the impact was both great and subtle. Rik is a wonderful soul, and so much joyous service must leave us all with great gratitude for the opportunities to value. Those opportunities will be greatly missed. My love and blessings flow to you both in gratitude and grace. [/testimonial]

[testimonial][h4]Thank you, Dominique Dabolczi-Fekete[/h4]
For me Rik Thurston provided spiritual mentoring on a practical and personal level. Since this was in the form of responses to my questions I was always in charge. I felt this to be both empowering and balancing. This is an astonishingly wonderful access to such an accomplished spiritual channel. I am truly grateful. I had less interaction with the other entities Demetri, Peter, and Mikaal. They were each unique and helpful – Peter’s distinction on emotions, Demetri’s sense of fun and life, Mikaal on healing. They will be missed as well. I will keep with me the experiences, learning’s, and growth which I would not have had were it not for Rik  [/testimonial]

[testimonial][h4]Yours sincerely, Alex.[/h4]
Rik has had a huge impact on my life. My current life is such that I needed certain information, certain parameters, and certain guidelines to make sense of this life and be able to function within it. I got these things from the Transcendors. Sometimes I had the chance to talk to Rik about the information I received and he provided his most helpful viewpoint, which in turn enriched what I got. He most definitely leaves behind a great void and he will be greatly missed.[/testimonial]

[testimonial][h4]Lovingly, Bill[/h4]
Rik provided an answer to my personal problems–relationships, financial advice, health. But he also provided insight into the big questions of today globally: our economy, jobs, environmental and climate challenges, geo-political understandings that went beyond national boundaries into the sphere of what is good for planet earth and its people. What I found fascinating was how he could channel deep understandings of not only individual consciousness but national consciousness whether it was the US, Russia, China, North Korea, Japan, Iran. He could also channel economic matters. In fact, he could channel any subject from the micro to the macro from the past to the present to the future. Brilliant. [/testimonial]

[testimonial][h4]Love, Kiera[/h4]
Rik — as Mikaal, the Transcendors, etc. — unselfishlessly brought us the opportunity to learn from wisdom that we otherwise would not have had and with this input, we have all benefited physically, emotionally, psychologically, soulfully. He afforded us the opportunity to really experience our oneness with the eternal. But Rik, the guy, brings a smile to my face because of his warmth, authenticity, vibrance, humor, kindness, sweetness…. oh, this being will really be missed even knowing the rareness of our gatherings.[/testimonial]

[testimonial][h4]Sincerely, Mark[/h4]
Rik was an inspiration and through him I’ve come to understand the world as a different place. He was insightful and I’m sure anyone he talked with him came away inspired, with a different view of life as we experience it here on earth. Please accept my condolences.[/testimonial]

[testimonial][h4]I am eternally thankful, Diane[/h4]
Rik’s gifts and talents in his lifetime have allowed me to know, to believe, what I have always ‘felt’ and ‘sensed’ to be truth, the whole truth. .. through Rik’s contact with the spirit realm I have been blessed to be given the confidence to ‘know’ what my life purpose truly is.. … ..As I follow my purpose in this lifetime, I will always remember and be thankful to Rik and the gift Rik shared with me.[/testimonial]

[testimonial][h4]With love, Marilyn[/h4]
Physically, mentally and emotionally the impact Rik had on my life is immeasurable. In times of pain and frustration and despair, because of his gift, I could face another day and carry on knowing I could cope with his unselfish help and guidance. Mentor, friend, inspiration I shall miss him.[/testimonial]

[testimonial][h4]Thank you Rik for all of your gifts. Slavko[/h4]
I have found Rik to be gentle, caring and understanding person with a smile on his face and kind words. His readings were always accurate, timely, filled with solutions, hope and love. When either I or members of my family had life challenges and did not know which way to turn, Rik would provide the answers and alternatives, and when followed and applied his answers made the difference in life’s trials and tribulations. I am very grateful that The Universe arranged for our paths to cross  and that my life has expanded and enriched because of these encounters.[/testimonial]

[testimonial][h4]Testimonial from Christine Clarke[/h4]
Over these many years, there has been much information that has helped our family in health situations & in all cases they have had successful outcomes including, literally, two family members that are now cancer free. We are very fortunate to live full & abundant lives with a great relationship with family, friends as well as good health & an active lifestyle, due in no small part to Rik’s ability & willingness to provide us access to The Transcendors for over 20 yrs. It’s had a major influence on our lives, & we sincerely thank you! God speed Rik on your new journey.[/testimonial]

[testimonial][h4]Testimonial from Donna, Mark and Owen Bondy[/h4]
RiK as he touched so many hearts and souls. Rik was my inspiration. I had met with RiK requiring support and guidance. My husband and I suffered the loss of our daughter and the loss of other babies that never made it here on earth. RIk (Mikaal) was my driving force to keep trying as he gave me the confidence, strength and courage to continue to have a child. If it wasn’t for Rik we wouldn’t have the beautiful son we have today. I thank RIk for this precious gift he gave us and he will be greatly missed here on earth. [/testimonial]

[testimonial][h4]I send him blessings on his onward journey, Karena[/h4]
Through him I gained answers to my life questions and much wisdom and guidance in dealing with life’s challenges.  When it came to health problems, when orthodox medicine and all else failed, Rik was there to channel answers and ways to deal with problems that worked, and some of the solutions were surprisingly simple. While I feel a great loss at his passing away, I am reminded that I need to be mindful of the wishes and decisions made at his soul level.[/testimonial]

[testimonial][h4]Warmest Regards, Meri Lee[/h4]
Over the years I have had many sessions and always had a very positive and uplifting experience. Rik was a very kind and humble man. He has helped so many people with his gift. I know I always felt better and more clear after a session with the Transcendors he has helped many of my friends …….he was the real deal…[/testimonial]

[testimonial][h4]Testimonial from Giuliana and Leo Buffa[/h4]
Looking back I can say that his contribution to all of us went well beyond anything we could get from religions or any books, CDs, seminars or TV shows. He allowed us to personally discuss any issue, on life and beyond, by conversing, directly and informally, with a source of knowledge so vast that it is difficult to comprehend. It was always a positive and uplifting experience. Through his work Rick helped us to live a healthier life, to learn, grow and be better people.And now he is gone.[/testimonial]

[testimonial][h4]Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Helen[/h4]
He and the Transcendors, over these past 10 years have guided me slowly, carefully, lovingly, and powerfully to becoming more of who I really am and in dissolving pain, confusion, hopelessness and re-birthing acceptance, understanding, joy, excitement, truth, and over these past five months through my health challenge re-birthed the positive power “full”
healer within. And what words cannot express is the embodiment of unconditional love in service which Rik enfolded me and all my friends who came seeking help and healing.[/testimonial]

[testimonial][h4]Testimonial from N.V.[/h4]
I can not thank Rik enough for the change he made in my life in the year 1999 when I had my first major past life reading through him. That was the start of my awesome spiritual journey that I am still following and have not finished yet. It never would have happened if it wouldn’t have been for him. He steered me onto the right path that I was supposed to take. You have no idea how much he helped me that day and can never thank him enough. So “thank you Rik wherever you are in the Universe”! [/testimonial]

[testimonial][h4]God Bless, Bernard[/h4]
Rik touched so many lives in such a positive way. My life has been enriched and blessed in knowing him. Rik inspired me with his ability to follow his heart due in part the inspiration that he derived from reading Edgar Cayce, but more so from his innate love and compassion for his fellow man. There is so much light and love  that Rik brought to others by being a channel, that it will continue like a ripple across the consciousness of humanity.[/testimonial]

[testimonial][h4]My love to you, Lisa[/h4]
Through Rik and the Transcendors, I walk a little less afraid. I understand my world better. Rik opened doors to knowledge and love that I will never experience again.Because he gave us hisr precious time and wisdom, I have grown more accepting of my complexities, and of those around me. The world will not be the same without Rik. There will never be anyone like him in our midst ever again.How blessed am I to have known Rik for this brief period on earth. May he be in God’s arms, grinning from ear to ear.[/testimonial]

[testimonial][h4]Thank you. Christian Bedfeldt[/h4]
You combined the gentleness and firmness of a gifted Healer with the wisdom and depth of knowledge of the consummate educator. With the closest relationship and guidance from the realms beyond our comprehension a human can have.You helped me to overcome a potentially devastating heatstroke and ” straightened me out” Your words,in many ways and on many occasions. Thank You Rik. Journey on and may You achieve Your Souls purpose in the most profound way[/testimonial]

[testimonial][h4]Thank you and much love, Ren[/h4]
Rik was a wonderful and gifted healer and I will miss him. Rik and the Transcendors have played a huge role in my life in the last few years. My journey and growth has been made easier thru the loving guidance of the Transcendors. I received many hours of caring advice over the years that have been life changing for me  and healing for me on all levels. I will always cherish the teachings on being centred, and trusting myself, accepting and loving myself, and the deep lessons he taught me regarding self value.

[testimonial][h4]With much Sincerity and Love, Sandy Walker[/h4]
Whether it was a Health Reading, Past Life Reading, and/or one of all the other Services that were offered; Rik guided, changed and improved Us, and gave Us health and insight into our very own Souls, and our Journey’s, Past and Present. He gave Us an understanding into what it “all” meant! For those of Us truly in search, He gave Us the answers we so desperately needed. All of which helped Us to grow Spiritually and hopefully guided Us to become better People.[/testimonial]

[testimonial][h4]I am deeply thankful… Keylaira[/h4]
There have been a multitude of times, just after a session with the Transcendors, Mikaal, or Demetri, when I felt like my life had shifted into a much better dimension. It seemed as if I had been gifted with a whole new perspective on my life and circumstances. Communication with Rik’s channeled entities never failed to give me a positive boost and renewed energy.[/testimonial]

[testimonial][h4]Sincerely, Michaele[/h4]
I found the Trancendors to be a great help with regard to health matters and the development of the self. They were able to provide insight to me as a mother that I would not have had otherwise.
I have also learned about what I have to work on, on a soul level, in this life, which of course is never easy to do, but it is helpful to know what it is and to have been able to have this loving guidance to help me on my path in this life.[/testimonial]

[testimonial][h4]With all my love and gratitude, Gisela[/h4]
Through your channeling of the Transcendors, Mikaal, Peter, and Demetri, we were guided and assisted through our daily problems on all levels – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. In my own case, the Transcendors and Mikaal guided me step by step in overcoming almost insurmountable physical challenges. As the Transcendors said, “I had one foot in the grave and the other on the shovel.”
You, yourself, Rik did not have the benefit of conscious contact with these enlightened teachers that we all came to love and rely on. For us, they were a perfect example of pure love and non-judgement – a state we must all attain. I will never be able to fully express my gratitude for all you have done for me individually and for the world as a whole.[/testimonial]

[testimonial][h4]Love and Hugs, Pete & Joanne[/h4]
The continual contact with the Transcendors certainly formulated then strengthened my view of God and all things spiritual for which I could never thank Rik enough for his developing then perfecting his talent as a channel. Rik’s impact on both our lives was not just as a channel, of which he was the preeminent master, but also because of his warm and friendly (Joanne says “loving” ) wide awake self, always ready with a hug and kind word.
Having watched him for close to 25 yrs, I must mention, on a personal note, how much I truly admired Rik’s determination to continue to expose his body to the rigours of channeling both the T’s, (especially the coming out of trance portion) and the muscular and joint stress that Mickael put him through during the “Massage” sessions. His strength of character was certainly matched by his determination to face the continual physical challenge he knew his life-work required of him.[/testimonial]

[testimonial][h4]Warm hugs, Joanne[/h4]
He helped me to learn about the world of Spirit. I will miss his gifts and presence in our world. Yet, I trust he has moved on to continue his wonderful and much necessary work from his new place in life cycle.[/testimonial]

[testimonial][h4]Testimonial from Ellie[/h4]
We have not only lost a very sweet man but a great healer and bridge to the other side. Even though Rik knew the toll it took on his health he choose to make that sacrifice for others and consequentially made huge differences in every life he touched. Just a few weeks ago I had recommended him to a friend and was always doing so. His own knowledge, your knowledge and the knowledge of those amazing entities which he channeled gave me many times of clarity and healing and I am truly grateful.[/testimonial]

[testimonial][h4]Testimonial from Meryl Greene[/h4]
I was and am deeply saddened about Rik’s passing. At the times I saw him, which was when I had readings, he was warm and light-hearted, always ready with a humorous remark or anecdote, especially at the end of a reading when he would share his often wry at-a-distance observations. The atmosphere Rik established at each reading was welcoming, generous, and a clear demonstration of being at-service to the clients.
The self-revelatory openness of channelled readings creates an intimacy, albeit professional, that I’ve felt as personal closeness to him.
Rik and the Transcendors have left us, a double loss for everyone . .[/testimonial]

[testimonial][h4]Testimonial from Lauri Brown[/h4]
Rik was a very enlightened individual and he made a great impact on me. He was kind enough to take some time, his own time and discuss with me how he began his channelling. I had been to England and truly love channelling, had particular questions concerning how he got started. He was very helpful and his information made a great impact on me, which I truly appreciated. When talking to Rik, you felt this warmth and genuine interest in your conversations. As a channeller, he was par excellence. Rik will be very missed and we all give thanks for his lifetime commitment to all Spirit here as well as Spirit no longer in bodies.[/testimonial]

[testimonial][h4]Testimonial from Christine[/h4]
Rik’s impact on my life has been important and big in very little time. I have worked with other deep trance channelers but they did not bring me as much as Rik did – whether at a personal level or professional level.
I have been wondering why he decided to leave now, when we – humanity as a whole – need people like him so much.
I hold you in my thoughts and in my heart.[/testimonial]

[testimonial][h4]Love and blessings, Barbara and John LeGrow[/h4]
Rik was an important part of our souls growth. He along with the Transendors opened our minds to see the miracles all around us. We were truly blessed to have him in our life.[/testimonial]

[testimonial][h4]In gratitude – Erinne White[/h4]
I was very sad to hear of Rik’s passing. He was so generous with his time and his amazing ability. He didn’t just channel information for us, he helped us all get a clearer picture of what channeling is and how those on the other side experience and perceive reality. And he was a neutral and trustworthy source. I will remember Rik for his humour, intelligence and easygoing manner, but one of his greatest qualities, I thought, was his humbleness. He always used his abilities in true service to others, in a very low-key, accessible way, with integrity and neutrality. He didn’t make it glamorous or magical or try to be “somebody” – he just did what he could to give us access to others. Humbleness and integrity don’t always get much acknowledgment and I greatly admired those qualities in him.[/testimonial]

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