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  • T349 - An ET Perception of Us


    T349 - An ET Perception of Us: How do ETs view us and the happenings on our planet. ...

  • T348 - Manifestation: Heart or Mind?


    T348 - Manifestation: Heart or Mind?:   There is a part of your mind in every cell ...

  • T347 - Introduction to Channeling


    T347 - Introduction to Channeling: A very informative look at different states of con...

  • T346 - General Interests


    T346 - General Interests: Self demands, how life began on earth, research on brain st...

  • T345- Millennium: Are you Ready?


    T345- Millennium: Are you Ready?   What can be expected in the millennium, how will...

  • T344- Specializing in Diversification


    T344- Specializing in Diversification: There is a higher demand than ever for knowled...

  • T343- Familiarity: Unknowingly Stuck in Place


    T343- Familiarity: Unknowingly Stuck in Place: How we become desensitized and our rec...

  • T342- When it’s all said and Done?


    T342- When it’s all said and Done?  We’ll go thru the cycles of life, that are e...

  • T341- General Interests


    T341- General Interests: Youth violence, 20th Century Diseases, Capturing the moment ...

  • T340- Justified Outcomes; Lost Opportunities


    T340- Justified Outcomes; Lost Opportunities: Why do we defend everything we think an...

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