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  • M515 Self Esteem CD


    M515 –Self Esteem CD:  Internal & external perceptions,  nature  or nurture ...

  • M514 Life Investment CD


    M514 –Life Investment CD:  Does life live you, rather than you living life? Do you...

  • M513 Mental/Emotional Disorders CD


    M513 - Mental/Emotional Disorders CD: Savants explained, Autism, Alzheimer’s, depre...

  • M512 The Positive Side CD


    M512 - The Positive Side CD: We limit our interactions because of a fear of not being...

  • M511 The Reflective Body CD


    M511 - The Reflective Body CD:  How your body will often reflect your thought, emoti...

  • M510 Body Aware-Body Conscious CD


    M510 - Body Aware - Body Conscious CD:  Think yourself healthy! You control it.  It...

  • M509 How to... A View of Disease CD


    M509 - How to... A View of Disease CD:  Mikaal explains how  we look at disease and...

  • M508 Mikaal on Healing CD


    M508- Mikaal On Healing CD: Explains the non-alignment of the  mental and  emotiona...

  • M507 Complementing Health CD


    M507- Complementing Health CD: How colors, sounds and other energies can affect ou...

  • M506 Building Health CD


    M506- Building Health CD: How your beliefs on health affect you. How you can bring yo...

Displaying 11 - 20 of 25123 Show All